About Piriform

Piriform is a creator of innovative software that optimizes computers. Currently, Piriform boasts four critical products that make this company the global leader in optimization software. Their products include CCleaner, Defraggler, Speccy and Recuva.


ccleaner34892Computers tend to be slow and unresponsive when the hard drive is clogged by garbage files. This garbage should be removed and this is where CCleaner comes in. Although this software cannot do everything, it has many impressive capabilities. By cleaning your system you protect it from hackers, spysites and other harmful invaders. CCleaner will:
* Delete passwords and temporary internet data so that no one else can be able to use them or see the web pages you previously visited.
* Remove private data you may use to access folders and files in Windows applications.
* Wipe the free disk space by removing information about the files you deleted.


defraggler95403Piriform Defraggler is a convenient way of defragmenting your hard drive.  It is quick and easy to use.  This software can read and write files.   You can defraggle a single file, a folder or a hard drive.

You can also opt to search files by type or size, or exclude names or file types when you search for data. Defraggler’s advanced features allows it to sort files in your system according to size. It puts bigger files that you don’t use regularly like videos at the back of the drive and put small ones closer so that you can find them faster when you search.


speccy3824Speccy is a great tool if you want to know the real specs of the computer you are buying.  Computer sellers prize their computing systems based on its features and components.  Now, Speccy can be used to check if the RAM, hard drive speed and size, processor, operating system and graphics card specified outside the box is the same as those inside the box.

If you had improved your computer after you bought it by increasing the memory, for instance; you can use Speccy to list the new components you added when you sell it. Additionally, if you want technical support and a consultant asks you about any of your computer specs you don’t have to locate Windows properties.  You can easily access the information from the Speccy screen.


recuva329801Recuva is a great tool if you work with documents or the internet a lot. It can recover deleted emails, files and music.  It can also restore Microsoft document files that were never saved and data from formatted or deleted, damages storage discs.

The key feature of Recuva is its ability to delete files permanently and recover data from deleted files. Using Recuva you can recover files easily, safely and faster. Recuva performs well on every rewritable media including camera memory cards USBs.

The beneficial thing about Piriform products is that they are multi-lingual and fully supported by Windows.  Download these free tools if you are looking for time and cost efficient ways to optimize your online privacy and security; as well as improving your pc’s performance.